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Escape Icons; Joe
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Knitting; needles in yarn
Subject: John Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis
Batch: #2 (12-25/100)
Themes: smile, all is wrong, flowers, rain, fury, so close yet so far away, a dreamers dream, wicked, embrace.
Additonal Notes: Resources. SPOILER for season 2, Conversion, and possible spoiler for Epiphiny(=depends really on what you consider a spoiler as..)


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Credit if taking, comments are love, enjoy.

((Batch #1 is located here.))
9th-Jan-2006 02:22 pm(no subject)
Knitting; needles in yarn
5 Kelly Clarkson
3 Tyler Hilton


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Comment/Credit if taking
; here
Knitting; needles in yarn
Subject: John Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis
Batch: #1 (1-11)
Themes: alone, misery, mmm yum!, kiss, red, soul food, all that i am, from now on, lost, laughter
Additonal Notes: Resources.

Credit/comment if taking, enjoy!


here be the icons arrrCollapse )
14th-Dec-2005 06:18 pm - yay!?!1
Knitting; needles in yarn
+1 Ben McKenzie
+1 Jason Mraz
+1 Jared Padalecki
+1 Jensen Ackles
+2 Backstreet Boys
+2 Chad Michael Murray
+2 Ryan Cabrera
+2 Hot Chocolate
+3 Matthew Fox
+3 Text
+3 Hugh Laurie
+6 Clay Aiken
+Stargate Atlantis
-1 Ford
-2 McShep
-5 McKay
-18 Sheppard/Joe Flanigan


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+Comment/Credit if taking
+Credit either x_escapeicons_x OR cutiepie89 in comments/keywords
+Resources here
14th-Dec-2005 05:36 pm - Resource post.
Knitting; needles in yarn
teh_indy, crumblingwalls, how_iconic, propaganda_live, braggadocio_org, september_icons, meleada, detoxcocktails, spaceyme, quebelly, my_wonderful, 77words. & various sites.

cap_it, jessica0042, frozenfrozen, awakencordy, nightfall_icons, prettywitchstar, callmefreak, indilime, clearblacklines, detection, dj43. & various sites.

NOTE: I have so many brushes, textures & gradients that I can't remeber where I got them, so if you have made some that I've used and are NOT credited please let me know so I can give the proper credit. =)
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