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Credit me in your keywords please!
Okay, I'm not one to go and seek recongnition for things usually, but it makes me feel appreciated to be credited for the graphics I make. I need to know if people actually use them or not. So, yes, credit is needed please. You can credit either cutiepie89 OR x_escapeicons_x.

DON'T KNOW HOW TO CREDIT? It's easy, just put --
<*lj user="cutiepie89"> OR <*lj comm="x_escapeicons_x"> in your keywords.
Just take out the '*'.

Do not edit or alter my icons!
The way they look now; that's the way I wanted them to look, so that's the way they stay! Icons without text are NOT bases or to be used as such. The way I put them is the way they'll stay. Please. If you don't like something I did; don't use the icon or ask me if I can make an adjustment.

Do not hot link/direct link under any circumstances!
It's not polite to steal bandwith, especially when it isn't yours to begin with. So don't do it. You can easily sign up for a free host (eg. photobucket.com) - I don't take yours so please don't take mine.

About me;
My name is Cammy and you've found my iconjournal. :) My personal LJ is cutiepie89. It is friends only, so no I will not just go randomly adding strangers. Get to know me first and if you still want added; I'll think about it.